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About MC Projects

We are your trusted building contractor in London. Our experience in the building industry let us understand the needs of the business owners who want to get a job done, or the homeowners who are looking to build a new home or perform a remodel on their existing property. We can work with any project anywhere within the London area.

Our team has people who are experienced on all sorts of projects both for commercial and residential use. We are detail oriented and willing to help you to get your construction project done perfectly. Our diversity makes us strong. With a multi-disciplinary group, we can address practically any construction service, starting from the designing process to the full commissioning of all services.

To give you an idea, we can perform any special project for you. Starting from the structures, we can adequate your industrial facility in the most efficient way. If you want to execute an office facility or a retail store, you need a more detailed team to take over the job. We know how to concentrate in details, to make sure everything is perfect.

Last, but not least, we pride ourselves of understanding residential projects. These sort of constructions are not business for you, and they are not just business for us. We get involved with your home, which is a personal and intimate space where you will share your life with the people who matter most: your family.

Safety comes First

When we are at the construction site, we work on prevention. That is the best way to avoid unfortunate events that can affect your project. We are committed with the industry’s best practices on working safely. Our vision towards safety goes beyond following a set of rules. It is a lifestyle among our people that we promote as an organizational culture.

We focus on creating awareness of the value of security and prevention. That way, people are not just following meaningless rules, but working on a thoroughgoing manner that will get the best results. When the people is working engaged with safety, the risks are lower than if you only set up endless security controls and paperwork.

What matters most to us

What matters most to us is our clients. We know that our job is to make your life easy. When you are about to start a construction job, it can be overwhelming. All the tiny details can stress anybody, especially when they are not involved in the construction business.

That is why we are here, to help you with all those details and deliver the project you dreamed. Our secret is that we commit ourselves with the success of your project as if it was our own. Our team gets involved with your construction and we pride ourselves of delivering each and every project on time and with an excellent quality.

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If you don’t require the full range of our services, we would be happy to discuss what services would be most suitable to your project.


Our aim at MC PROJECTS is very simple– create the London property people dream of.


We are a creative team of multi-trade professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality results in construction and decoration.


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