Bathroom Fitting

Bathroom Fitting & Installation Service in London

Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Either at home or in your office, we are the bathroom fitters London that can take care of your project. We make use of the latest trends in bathroom lighting, water management, and special installations. Use our experience to take advantage of your bathroom fitting London to create a unique space.



Lighting and Mirrors

Most bathrooms are interior rooms with no natural sources of light. That is why lighting is something important. In addition, some bathrooms are also used for get ready. Some people use their bathroom’s mirrors to put on makeup or do their hair.

In such cases, you should consider mirrors in the right spots, along with appropriate lighting. That way your personal space will truly be prepared to keep up with your lifestyle.

Water Management

One of the most common issues in bathrooms has to do with water management. Most old homes have no special system to increase the water pressure. When you get involved in any sort of bathroom renovation London, the best is to be aware of this sort of services, so that you make a wise choice.

Practically all the new bathroom installation London are taking advantage of the newest technologies to make water management efficient and effective.
For instance, the water-saving faucets are ecological devices that play with water pressure to give the sensation of having more water when the truth is you are getting less. Electricity is a big area of opportunity. There are many things that can be done in any house, and particularly in the bathroom.

Power in the Right Place

As for power installations, the bathroom is a place where you need to get it to the right place. There are electrical devices that need to be plugged such as some razors, tooth brushes, hair dryers and more. However, if you just place the electrical outlet anywhere, there is a risk. Water and electricity do not go along so well, and it is very important to take good care of this so that there is no accidental damage.

That is why power in the right place is an important factor that experienced bathroom fitters London should know how to address. We know it and we are aware of the benefits of power and the risks to be avoided.

Bathroom Furniture

One of the most important things on bathroom fitting London is the bathroom furniture. This is what brings your space with the actual functionality it needs. Most renovations involve changing bathroom furniture, but that is not something that should be taken slightly.

If you are not involved with bathroom installations, then you may not be aware that not all furniture requires the same installations. Bathrooms should be standard, and if your home was built in the past 5 to 10 years, then it might be with the latest standards. However, if you are performing a bathroom renovation London of an older home (and in London, there are plenty examples), then you may have to do some further changes to accommodate a modern bathroom furniture.


Ventilation should be a priority for bathroom fitters London, and unfortunately, it is not always addressed properly. The consequences of a bathroom installation London without a good ventilation are unwanted odors that can be very annoying.

Even if now it seems that everything is under control, a bathroom renovation London should address ventilation as in any new bathroom fitting London to make sure everything is fine. We know it and we put special attention on this kind of details to make your bathroom a pleasant space.