Formwork Construction Company in London

We can build all types of jobs and become your trusted formwork company London. Our team is experienced in the most traditional formwork types up to the less traditional beams like metal slab formworks, modular formworks, or flexible formworks.

We understand that each formwork London should be set according to your needs. There is a different in resistance, durability, and cost of each different type of formwork. The many different types can be designed with a combination of the material and the structural elements that hold the structure. We will advise you on the best solution for your project and take care of everything to build it correctly.

Some formwork contractors who are focused on a single system cannot see the potential of other options. There can be a better solution than the one originally projected. If the formwork company London is versed on all types of formwork, then you can trust they will provide their expert knowledge to make yours a successful project.

We are among the formwork contractors that can help you from the start, getting a cost efficient solution to your particular needs.

Formwork is the Current Construction System

Nowadays construction has evolved to a point in which all contractors make extensive use of prefabricated systems. Formwork London modules are a type of prefabricated construction system that consists on modules that are just assembled onsite. Most pieces are not bigger than a couple of meters. They make use of clips, pins or screws to put all the walls together.

The size and assembling method is meant to make construction easy. As the pieces are not too big, there is no need to use a crane or other special machinery to move and set the pieces. They fit most elevators, and are easily carried within the construction site. As for the assembling, it is done by workers with basic qualifications and no particular skills. It is in the finishing when a skilled worker needs to be careful with all the details to get a perfect job done.

The panels of formwork London systems can be made out of aluminum, steel, or timber. That depends on what you are trying to achieve. A distinction is made between panels for internal or external walls. Any panel will fit in the formwork modules to create a strong structure. In some cases, the space between each panel, where the formwork structure is, are filled with fiberglass to isolate heat and sound.

Other Types of Formwork

Besides formwork for construction systems, there are other types all formwork contractors should be aware of. This is a list with the most common formwork you can find in a construction project:

  • Climbing formwork
  • Engineered formwork
  • Flexible formwork
  • Insulated formwork
  • Metal beam formwork
  • Modular slab formwork
  • Reusable formwork (usually made out of plastic)
  • Slab formwork (traditional)
  • Timber formwork (traditional)

Each of these types of formwork are meant to serve a different porpoise. For example, you can identify a climbing formwork on a building that is under construction. This particular formwork type is the preferred solution for skyscrapers builders who need a way to climb and raise the building.

If you are looking for insulation, the insulated formwork is the answer to acoustic and thermal seal. It is a very strong structure that has EPS layers. Its cladding finish and furring strips makes it also appealing to work with interiors.

We are a formwork company London that can take care of any of these types of formwork. Among other things, we can help you to select the best solution to your particular project, and foresee all the construction.