House extensions in Richmond

Why Do People Choose to Extend Their Homes?

One of the main advantages of private houses is that it is possible to implement different variants of architectural forms and extensions being an owner of such property. House extension is a complex and time-consuming process that requires high professionalism taking into account a great number of features of the building structure.

There are various reasons why so many people decide to extend their homes. One of the most popular is adding considerable value to the home space. Some people want to adapt their house to their lifestyle and make it unique and extraordinary by means of extension. Everybody wants to make use of existing garden space and gain most of their home.

It doesn’t matter what is the reason for having that kind of home renovation. Anyway, you will get an additional room, design tailored to your needs and of course a new favourite place in your home.

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Why Choose MC Projects for House Extensions in Richmond?

With house extensions by Mindful Construction Projects, it is possible to increase the area of an existing building or to change its shape and give it a modern appearance. Contemporary technologies and materials which we use help to create very practical solutions for home extension – kitchen, rear, side return, wrap around and many other kinds of extensions.

We are a team of professional builders who specialize in construction, renovating and refurbishment of the domestic and commercial property. Hundreds of homeowners in Richmond and all over London has already enjoyed using our house extension services.

Our company guarantees:

  • Individual project which is created for every client
  • Choice of materials of the best quality according to your wishes
  • Transparent prices as the cost of our work is always set at the initial stage of the project
  • Free consultations and answers to any questions from experienced professionals
  • Adherence to technology and all the standards of the industry
  • Responsibility, strict compliance with the terms of the contract

Here at MC Projects, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our work as the extensions will look like an integral part of your house. It will seem like the extension was there from the very beginning. The style of the house and extension will complement each other looking naturally and organically. Our designers will offer you the house extension ideas you can create for your home. Let’s cooperate and add beauty and value to your home while increasing the usable space!

House Extensions in Richmond

Richmond, located in South West London along the river Thames, is a place which many people call home. And it is really a great place to live as there are a lot of ancient areas, great commute, open spaces, theatres, museums and shopping opportunities. It is famous for Richmond Park, weekend farmers’ markets, a great number of amenities and attractions. People who want to get away from hustle and bustle of the city, choose Richmond as a place to live.

Everybody in Richmond understands the value of the beautiful and spacious home so house extension made by our company may become a solution when you are out of space for your growing family or want to enhance your building. We will handle every stage of the project for your home in Richmond from site survey to work completion.