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How to extend your living space?

If you are thinking about how to turn your loft into an additional living space, then our loft conversion specialists can become your reliable partner in this process in Hammersmith. Your loft room can become a beautiful guest bedroom, a cosy home cinema or functional kitchen or bathroom – no matter what choice you will make, you will be completely happy with Mindful Construction Projects’ services.

Loft or attic room is quite unusual space of irregular shape. On the other hand, it is usually spacious and cosy at the same time. Unusual sloping walls and remoteness create an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness, which is very important for those who want to create an additional bedroom or living room. An attic is quite a warm place in the house, therefore you will feel quite comfortable there.

Our projects

Top quality and an affordable price from our loft conversion specialists in Hammersmith

MC Projects offers numerous ways to extend up into your loft. Every one of them has got advantages and disadvantages, but in general, it all depends on the type of the building and roof structure and the budget you are planning to invest in your property. So we offer the following types of a loft conversion in Hammersmith:

  • Roof light conversions are among the simplest ways to carry out the conversion. It is built within the existing roofline, so there are no external alterations at all. On the one hand this type is not expensive, but on the other hand, you get less new space.
  • Dormer conversions are the projects when dormer windows are added to increase the roof space and to provide the full head height. It is one of the most popular styles of a loft conversion in Hammersmith as well as in London area. Depending on the ceiling height, type and the source of light you are going to have and design ideas, dormers provide endless opportunities for making all your ideas and wishes real.
  • Mansard conversions are usually built by raising the party walls or sides of the house. It offers the same advantages as the dormers and is very popular amongst our clients in Hammersmith.
  • Hip to gable conversions is done if your house has a hip roof. It supposes changing of the sloping side to the flat gable one. If you want to have this type of loft conversion, first of all, it is necessary to identify if your loft and roof are suitable, we make a survey and then discuss available opportunities for your property.

This is not a full list of the types of loft conversion we provide to our clients. Every particular case is unique. We analyse carefully all the characteristics of your building and roof, take into account the requirements and ideas of the client and only then we decide on the best option for your case.

Loft Conversion in Hammersmith

Hammersmith, named Hammertown by locals, is located in West London and is a popular choice among young families to settle there. It provides excellent public transport opportunities, is known for its greenery, riverside, and plenty various opportunities to have a rest and entertain with family.

Are you thinking about carrying out loft conversion in your house in Hammersmith? We would be glad to help you with your ideas. Mindful Construction Projects offers wonderful opportunities for families there who wants to increase the living space in their properties and add an extra bedroom, children’s room or any other living space.