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Why choose to have a loft conversion?

Many of us in our childhood dreamed of having our own room in the attic of the house. People perceive that space as a secluded, cosy and even a bit mysterious. Probably that’s why many creative people (sculptors, artists, writers) like to arrange their workshops in the attic place.

Often, in our houses the attic is used as a storage space This is the most standard and, in general, not an interesting option. But, with loft conversion projects completed by our company, you can significantly expand the living area of your house. Children’s room, billiard room, gym, study, bedroom, bathroom – all these rooms can be located in the attic space and will fit well into the interior of the house as an additional floor. Everything depends only on your imagination and available space.

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What can you expect from loft conversion project?

If you want to carry out your loft conversion to accommodate comfortably your big family in Richmond, then there cannot be a better choice than MC Projects. Our loft conversion company will complete the whole project from the stage of discussion of your ideas, planning and design to the final finishing works and interior design.

We have a team of highly professional specialist who has got skills and training to work on any loft conversion project.

The first rule of our builders and designers – every meter in the house should be used with advantage, to the maximum of its functionality.

What we pay attention before starting loft conversion

  • We choose the loft conversion type basing on the analysis of the building structure. A big role belongs to the lines and shapes determined by the geometry of the roof. An important condition for the design of loft rooms is their interrelation with the structure of the existing building.
  • We analyse carefully how the new and existing engineering systems will interact and ensure their joint work. We pay particular importance to the shape and dimensions of the premises, vertical or inclined roof windows, their placement.
  • When designing the loft rooms, it must be remembered that the attic with a sloping roof requires a special approach to the choice of material, providing heat protection, insulation and waterproofing.

Depending on the size of the house and the type of the roof we propose to equip one or several rooms of various types: bedroom, bathroom, study, entertainment zone, etc. In addition, we take care about a number of other issues, including the construction of a staircase to the loft, the reinforcement of the floors and the provision of reliable thermal insulation of sloping walls and roofs.

You can put your confidence in us and will receive a beautiful new space which will enhance your property significantly.

Loft Conversion in Richmond

Are you looking for an expert loft conversion company in Richmond? Look no further as Mindful Construction Projects covers this area and offers a complete service.

Richmond is one of the most popular places to live in London. It is not surprising that residents of Richmond consider themselves the happiest people in the UK, as it has one of the easiest commutes to the centre of London, pretty nature with the park and river, and places of interest. If your family is growing and you feel the shortage of living space, do not hurry to look for a new property. Try less expensive option – loft conversion. Why not use the services of the friendly and extremely efficient team of MC Projects and get a loft conversion in Richmond of your dream?